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Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing and Control

Telesis offers recirculating chillers for thermal control to support thin film processing and analytical instrumentation. 

We also offer a complete line of Ovens, Furnaces and Environmental Chambers that are used in many diverse and growing markets including coatings, oil and gas exploration, bio-medical, metals processing, agricultural research, pharmaceutical & health science.

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Applied Thermal Control offer Quality Recirculating Chillers and Thermal Heat Exchangers.

Applied Thermal Control™

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TPS is the Manufacturer of Blue M, Tenney, Lindberg and Gruenberg Products.

Thermal Product Solutions™

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Lab and Process Ovens, Inert Gas Ovens, and  Clean Room Ovens.

Blue M™

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Environmental Chambers for Steady State and Cycling Applications. Thermal Shock, Altitude and Space Research Chambers. Lindberg™ Laboratory Furnaces.


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High quality ovens for medical, pharmaceutical and bio science applications. Ovens for oil and gas industry upstream research and well logging instrumentation applications.



Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers The salt spray test (also known as salt fog or salt mist) corrosion test equipment e effectiveness of a production process.

Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Chambers Cyclic Corrosion Testing is a means of recreating/accelerating a variety of corrosive climates, within the convenience of a test chamber.

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