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Tools, Systems and Instruments to Support the Nanotechnology, Thin Film, Thermal and Vacuum Markets.
Metrology Equipment for Nanoscale


Sensitive, instruments require specific parts to operate properly. Herzan supplies vibration, acoustic, and EM isolation platforms to ensure your instruments operate at their best.

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KLA-Tencor manufactures the D-series D-500, D-600, P-7 and P-17 surface profilers for both development and production applications. KLA-Tencor also offers the Micro XAM 100 Optical profiler.
New this year, we offer Nanomechanical Testers including the G-200 Nanoindenter

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Park™ is the leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes for use in medical, thin film, semiconductor and materials research. Park Systems instruments offer state of the art technology and software.

Park AFM™


Zeta3D metrology systems. Non-contact optical profiler with Multi-Mode Optics are capable of measuring difficult surfaces that white light interferometers and confocal microscopes cannot match.


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